Raiden (RDN)

The Raiden Network is conducting a token sale for the Raiden token (RDN) beginning on Wednesday, October 18th through a Dutch Auction.

  • The Raiden Network is one of the highest profile projects to attempt to solve a significant problem with decentralized networks, transaction scalability.
  • The project has the ability to significantly enhance the value proposition of the Ethereum platform, its native token ether, and other ERC20 tokens, with the creation of new use cases, such as pay per consumption business models and microtransactions.
  • The project, although not under the purview of the core Ethereum development team, drew significant criticism for the introduction of RDN, as the Raiden Network was viewed spiritually as a sister project of Ethereum.
  • However, we believe there is a significant misunderstanding about the value of RDN as it will be required for the peripheral fees of light client transactions. It is our expectation that most applications and large use cases will involve light clients, rather than full nodes. 

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