TRON (TRX) Profile

TRON Token Profile (PDF)

TRON is a platform for content creation and social media for the entertainment industry. The network was founded by Justin Sun, the founder of Peiwo, a platform that emulates the features of Snapchat. Peiwo, which has ten million registered users, is registered in the TRON network. The TRON roadmap is divided into five stages. The first, Exudus, proposes the creation of a mechanism to upload, store and distribute content that is powered by IPFS. The second, Odyssey, will introduce economic incentives through a blockchain to the platform introduced by Exudus. The third, Great Voyage, will enable users to start their own ICOs using the native TRX token. The fourth, Apollo, proposes the creation of a decentralized exchange that enables users to swap tokens. The fifth, Star Trek, proposes the creation of a decentralized gaming system and prediction markets. Finally, Eternity, the final stage of platform, will enable “traffic monetization” for video games and game development platforms. Combined, these proposed stages in TRON’s roadmap are extremely ambitious. The technical feasibility of all these features is a potential concern, and implementation details were not revealed in the project’s white paper. Additionally, in late 2017, Juan Benet, Founder of Protocol Labs accused the project of plagiarizing the IPFS and Filecoin white paper in the Tron white paper.