adToken (ADT)

adToken Token Profile (PDF)

adToken is a ConsenSys-backed, ERC20 token designed to prevent fraud in the digital advertising industry. Ad sellers are often paid on a cost per mile (“CPM”) basis, where the number of impressions an ad receives directly affects the seller’s profitability. This model at times can be perverse, as sellers in the bottom of the supply chain are economically incentivized to knowingly serve ads to bots. adToken attempts to bring transparency to supply chains through its adChain registry system; a smart contract that stores domain names determined to be non-fraudulent by ADT token holders. The ADT token incentivizes holders to maintain the integrity of the adChain registry by voting publishers in or out of the registry based on the merits of these publishers. This enables advertisers to have a curated list of non-fraudulent publishers who are certified by the adChain user network (i.e. a "decentralized whitelist for digital advertising"). Twenty percent (200,000,000 ADT) of the total supply of adTokens will be locked-up for one year by the development teams at ConsenSys and MetaXchain. The full release of the adChain Registry voting protocol is scheduled for February 2019. In January 2018, the project performed a beta test with 250 participants on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet and it is expected to have a release candidate by Q1 2019.