Aragon (ANT) Profile

Aragon Token Profile (PDF)

Aragon provides a framework for the creation of Ethereum-based Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs); organizations that are directly managed by their stakeholders. Aragon will also feature a Graphical User Interface so that its users can more easily interact with the smart contract that represents their organization. The project was announced in Q1 2017 and its ICO raised $25M in less than 15 minutes. The envisioned release version will feature advanced features, such as share issuance, vesting schedules and payroll through Aragon’s application. The aragonOS framework will be the backbone of the DAOs created on the platform and will allow for the creation of sophisticated organizational structures. The ANT token is used for voting within the Aragon ecosystem. The team is led by Luis Cuende (Forbes 30 under 30 and Co-Founder of Stampery), and Jorge Izquierdo (Co-Founder of Unpatent). Due to the specialized nature of the project, many members of the Aragon team are deeply connected with Ethereum’s core development team.