Edgeless (EDG)

EDGELESS Token Profile (PDF)

Edgeless is a decentralized casino protocol that plans to offer blackjack, dice, poker and sports betting games. The games will have a 0% edge for the house, meaning that players who play the game perfectly can be guaranteed a 50% chance of winning. Each month, 60% of profits are sent to the Edgeless team for development and 40% is sent to the “Edgeless Lounge” prize pool, a lottery style game where EDGE tokens lost during normal play are used to gain entry. Edgeless lost 26,793 ETH because of the Parity wallet hack but the developers believe it will only cause a slight delay in the platform’s rollout. In December 2017, Edgeless received a gambling license from Curacao, which is one of the easiest jurisdictions to obtain a gambling license. In January 2018, the casino was opened to the public.