Gnosis (GNO) Profile

Gnosis Token Profile (PDF)

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market built on the Ethereum network. It is one of the venture companies of Consensys, a venture production studio focused on Ethereum-based projects. The platform enables users to create events in an open-market setting and place bets according to their prediction of the outcome (e.g. winner of a sporting event). Shares representing the outcome can then be traded and priced according to what the market predicts will happen. Gnosis can also be used as a hedging tool, such as hedging against a potential interest rate hike. Like other prediction market platforms, Gnosis supports the creation of three types of events: Binary Events, where the outcome is either yes or no; Categorical Events, where there are multiple discrete outcomes; and Scalar Events, where outcomes are determined by upper and lower numerical bounds. What differentiates Gnosis’ platform from other prediction markets is its ability to use different tokens as collateral for prediction bets. Once an event is created, Gnosis allows different tokens to be used to represent shares of the outcome. Another key difference is that Gnosis does not charge network fees to access its platform.