Komodo (KMD)

Komodo Token Profile (PDF)

Komodo is one of the components of the SuperNET Platform, a project established in 2014 to create the infrastructure for a full-service smart contract platform linked to Bitcoin. SuperNET has four core components. The first is Iguana, a full node implementation that supports all Bitcoin-based digital tokens, including Komodo. The second is InstantDEX, a decentralized multi-currency exchange for scalable peer-to-peer token swaps. The third are Assetchains, which are user-created blockchains tailored to specific use cases and easily tokenized. The fourth is Komodo itself, which is the platform’s native currency for both network fees and peer-to-peer transactions. By using zero-knowledge proofs, the technology underlying Zcash, all Komodo transactions are fully private. The Komodo blockchain, along with the other blockchains in the SuperNET platform, will employ a new consensus mechanism called Delayed Proof-of-Work (DPow). DPow attempts to enhance network security by notarizing all blocks from the original chain onto Bitcoin’s blockchain. The benefit of this framework is that both chains need to be compromised in order for malicious attacks to be successful.