Lisk (LSK) Profile

Lisk Token Profile (PDF)

Lisk is smart contracts platform forked from the Crypti protocol in 2016. The project takes a modular approach to Decentralized Applications (Dapps) comprised of separate blockchains; one main chain for network transactions and other side chains for the smart contracts that power Lisk Dapps. All blockchains in the network employ a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to validate and verify transactions; an implementation similar to the one used by BitShares. All 101 members of the Proof of Stake delegation responsible for validating transactions in the blockchain are periodically selected by Lisk stakeholders, who are also entitled to vote on protocol improvement proposals. Since Lisk Dapps have their own blockchain, Dapp developers can select the delegation that is responsible for maintaining the network, as well as establish rules for the side chain. Lisk’s protocol enables fast transaction confirmation times by having new blocks created every 10 seconds. Additionally, Lisk Dapps can be written using JavaScript, a popular programming language.