MCAP Token Profile (PDF)

Analyst’s Note: We rely on different sources to provide financial data about tokens, such as market capitalization. The source providing market capitalization information collects this information from token exchanges. As of February 2018, 99% of MCAP’s trade volume occurs on two exchanges that might be subject to spoofing and have low liquidity. Accordingly, the market capitalization listed may not be accurate since it is subject to skewness.

MCAP is an equity token allegedly designed to pay dividends. The funds raised from its ICO are being used to develop the infrastructure to mine other digital tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Every three months holders are paid dividends in proportion to their ownership of all tokens. The tokens represent ownership interests in the platform, comprising all assets and liabilities of the platform. Two additional things to note are that the whitepaper, which describes how the ICO will work, was released after the ICO concluded and there is only one person directly connected to the project.