MobileGo (MGO)

MobileGo Token Profile (PDF)

MobileGo is a token used to gamify the GameCredits mobile platform by incentivizing loyalty and participation through rewards, such as coupons, free entry into tournaments and private beta testing of new games. There is a relationship between MobileGo and GameCredits in that many team members work on both projects and the funds raised from the MobileGo issuance will in part be used to fund the marketing and branding of the GameCredits platform. The goal is that success of that platform could lead to a large gamification platform, thereby increasing the value of MobileGo. GameCredits is a Proof of Work Scrypt token and the team believed that the gaming industry also needed a smart contract solution, which is what led to MobileGo. It is the first token to be simultaneously issued on both the Ethereum and Waves blockchains. Using a new technology comprised of a web interface, locked wallets and smart contracts on the Ethereum side, MobileGo is interchangeable between the two blockchains.