NEO (NEO) Profile

NEO Token Profile (PDF)

NEO, formerly known as Antshares, is a smart-contracts platform that enables the creation of digital assets and also has a blockchain-based identity and reputation system. It is the first public blockchain project to be based in China, and has been nicknamed “the Ethereum of China.” NEO differentiates itself from Ethereum by allowing its smart contracts to be coded using popular programming languages. Developers accustomed to Java and C#, two of the world’s most popular languages, can develop NEO smart contracts, which are then compiled and processed by the platform’s own Virtual Machine. This architecture carries several trade-offs, as the use of high-level programming languages introduces potential security vulnerabilities. To attract more developers to the ecosystem, the project aims to further improve its software compiler and make compatible versions that accept the most popular programming languages. According to Da Hongfei, founder of NEO, the project is working closely with Chinese certificate authorities to map real-world assets using its smart contracts.