Status (SNT)

Status Token Profile (PDF) 

Status is a mobile Ethereum client that enables smartphones to interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum network. The platform also features a full-service messaging system where users can send their locations, audio files and images, in addition to Ethereum and other Ethereum-based tokens. Status aims to act as a gateway to the mobile versions of many existing Decentralized Applications. Its alpha version is available on both Android and iOS, and Status already supports uPort, Gnosis, Oasis Exchange, Ethlance, Aragon, Etherisc and Ujo. Since it is open source, Status enables any Ethereum application to be listed in its app. After the departure of Dr. Gavin Wood from the Ethereum foundation, the Status team took over the development of the Whisper protocol; an on-chain messaging system that features end-to-end encryption. The team is led by Jarrad Hope, and its advisors include Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo, the founders of the Aragon project. Status investors include Bo Shen of Fenbushi Capital.