TenX (PAY)

TenX Token Profile (PDF)

TenX is a tokenized wallet system that aims to leverage existing payment technologies to make digital tokens spendable anywhere. It proposes a debit card system that is connected to a user’s TenX wallet, thereby enabling digital tokens to be used through existing payment rails, such as MasterCard and Visa. The proposed debit card will not carry annual fees, spending fees, or exchange fees. TenX holders will share 0.5% of every transaction, which is paid in Ethereum, and is collected from merchants as part of a revenue sharing agreement with credit card partners. Debit card holders will receive a 0.1% reward for every transaction they make. Debit card users are also able to adjust the rules governing their accounts, such as spending and withdraw limits. The TenX wallet supports Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. The project is backed by Fenbushi Capital, a Blockchain-focused VC, and was initially conceived at PayPal’s incubator.