Ontology (ONT) Report

ONT In-Depth Report (PDF)

Ontology is building a platform to make it easy for any type of business to develop and deploy their own blockchains and decentralized applications. Ontology calls itself a “peer to peer trust network” that allows all entities in the ecosystem to seamlessly trust each other and work together. The project was conceived by the Chinese blockchain development company, Onchain, which also created NEO. Onchain, NEO, and Ontology are separate entities, but Ontology is based on NEO’s architecture. Most of Ontology’s technology is forked directly from NEO, including NEO’s dBFT consensus algorithm, compiler, and virtual machine. It also largely repurposes NEO’s Go-lang client and adds a set of core protocols focused around identity management and data storage to provide a foundational layer to build trusted applications.