Elixxir Report

Elixxir Report (PDF)

• Elixxir is the brainchild of David Chum, who is a digital currency pioneer and widely regarded as the “Godfather” of the cypherpunk movement.

• The Elixxir Technical Brief, the only document the project made available at this point, broadly describes one the most ambitious system architectures we have analyzed.

• The backbone of Elixxir’s system is a robust network protocol that facilities both anonymity and scalability. We find the proposed Mix Network particularly interesting, as most innovations in the space today focus on either the database layer or the application layer.

• Consensus, Sybil-attack protection, and governance is described as a unified system that looks a lot like Delegated Proof-of-Stake, a structure we’re concerned may have negative externalities.

• While the novel system described in the Technical Brief is fascinating, we should note that, like much of David Chaum’s early work, Elixxir may be a revolutionary idea too early for its time. To make stronger assessments on its technology, we would have to perform deeper due-diligence and review its codebase, which is not available at this time.