Aion (AION)

Aion (AION) Token Profile

Aion is a project focused on blockchain interoperability, or the ability to seamlessly exchange of tokens from one blockchain to the other, through its own intermediary network. Prior to founding the project, Aion’s co-founder, Matthew Spoke, was an accountant at Deloitte. While there, he wrote a paper describing the ways Bitcoin could eliminate the need for professional accountants. Deloitte’s CEO was particularly interested in the paper and decided to start a research lab that focused on blockchains. Spoke was a part of this research lab until June 2016, when he left Deloitte to join the Muskoka Group, a blockchain discussion group. Many Ethereum co-founders were members of this group and being in Toronto allowed Spoke to be involved in the early stages of the Ethereum project. Spoke is also on the Board of Directors of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and Nuco, the company developing Aion. The project’s technical implementation is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine,  and it uses Zcash’s Equihash in its consensus algorithm. Aion launched a mainnet in April 2018, but its initial version does enable any degree of interoperability.