Etheroll (DICE)

Etheroll Token Profile (PDF)

Etheroll is a dice game written as an Ethereum smart contract that is provably random, cryptographically secure, and provides Etheroll with a 1% house edge. Players send Ether (the bet) to Etheroll and bet that the number they chose will be greater than the number rolled by a 100-sided dice. Etheroll collects 1% of the payout to winning players as its source of revenue and the only other “fee” is the Ethereum gas charge. Holders of the native DICE token are entitled to vote on proposals from the Etheroll team and collectively they receive 100% of the profits earned from the game (the “Reward”). The Reward is paid-out during a 7-day “Rewards Period,” during which DICE tokens are frozen and non-transferable. To claim the Reward, holders must hold the tokens with their own private keys (i.e. not on an exchange) and connect to the Etheroll website using an Ethereum enabled browser (e.g. Mist, MetaMask) during the Rewards Period. During the 1st Rewards Period (August 7, 2017 – August 14, 2017), 1,400 ETH was available to DICE holders and more than 90% was claimed.