district0x (DNT)

district0x Token Profile (PDF)

district0x is a cooperative of decentralized marketplaces and communities built on top of the Ethereum network. Districts, in the context of 0x, are decentralized entities that exist as Ethereum smart contracts and serve a specific community. Etherlance, for example, is a moderately popular job listing service for Ethereum professionals that exists as a district0x community. Such organizations can be built using d0xINFRA, an open source framework comprised of a smart contract library and powered by the Inter Planetary File System, or IPFS. The purpose of the district0x Network Token (DNT) is to allow for the participation and coordination of all members of network through a set of network governance tools. Improvement proposals, such as improving the district’s website, can be proposed by staking 1000 DNT. Participants in that district must then vote on the proposal by using their DNT tokens, and any user can challenge a proposal by staking the same amount. The framework for these governance tools is provided by the Aragon project, which specializes in protocol governance solutions.