Hshare (HSR)


Hshare Token Profile (PDF)

Hshare is trying to create a token that is exchangeable between traditional blockchains and DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs). The HSR token is a temporary token that is not currently being exchanged in this theoretical network. Instead, it enables its holders to exchange for a new token once the new network is launched. According to its white paper, the future Hshare network will have a combination of: (1) interoperability between blockchains and DAGs, (2) quantum resistant encryption, (3) hybrid consensus mechanisms, (4) private transactions through zk-SNARKs and (5) open governance through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Together, this is extremely ambitious technical functionality and successful development of such a network would likely require more than one developer, which is how many Hshare currently has. Moreover, Hshare’s CTO does not appear to have any experience in applied cryptography, a key discipline on which success of the project is likely dependent. Lastly, the CEO of the project is the host of a local Australian TV show and several unofficial reports indicate that Hshare is a scam.