SALT Token Profile (PDF)

SALT is an ERC20 token that enables the creation of peer-to-peer loans using different cryptocurrencies via smart contracts. Instead of using credit checks, SALT uses a collateral system to establish loan limits for users of its lending platform. Oracles will also be used to provide pricing data on the collateralized asset and enable the creation of customizable loan terms that rely on exogenous sources of data. SALT’s lending platform offers lenders and borrowers 3 different tiers of membership. The basic membership offers access up to $10,000 in simple loans, with terms from 3 to 24 months, and payments in USD. The Premier tier offers access up to $100,000 in loans that can be customized, with terms from 1 hour to 36 months, and payments in USD, EUR, GBY, JPY and RMB. SALT’s Enterprise product is highly customizable, and offers access to over $1M USD in loans, paid in an “ad hoc currency selection.” According to the project’s website, loans arranged through the SALT platform are originated by SALT Lending Holdings, Inc, which is an SEC registered investment advisor. The entity in charge of the development of the platform is SALT Platform, LLC, which according to the website is a non-bank entity.