Golem (GNT)

Golem Token Profile (PDF)

Golem is a platform for distributed computation that leverages the Ethereum network to provide a global marketplace for computing power. The project launched a token sale in November 2016 and raised $8.6M; the third most successful ICO at the time. Golem aspires to enable computational tasks to be processed across a network of computers in parallel, with the goal of increasing the processing speed of standard computing tasks. It also attempts to enable average users to receive passive income by renting their computer when it is not in use. Golem Brass, which is the project’s alpha version, is currently being tested, and focusses on a single use case: rendering computer-generated imagery (CGI). It uses the same concept of parallel computation to distribute the processing of common renderers across the Golem test network. There is no specific date for the mainnet launch, but the project’s beta is currently in development.