Kin (KIN)

Kin Token Profile (PDF)

Kik Interactive Inc. (Kik) is one of the first mainstream companies to launch a token sale. It hopes to leverage its existing 15M monthly active users to create an ecosystem that aligns the interests of Kik, its developer community, and its mobile app users, using the Kin token. The company claims that developers will be incentivized to create new and unique services and consumers can earn and spend Kin in the Kik app.  Kik and the Kin Foundation received 90% of the total supply of tokens, so they too are incentivized to grow the Kin ecosystem. The ICO lacked key disclosure in important areas (e.g. technical details) and the project made statements about the token’s valuation that did not take into account key details. Since the ICO, KIN announced that it would launch on the Ethereum blockchain but then announced it would launch on the Stellar blockchain. It is unclear at this point whether KIN will launch on both or only Stellar.