PIVX Token Profile (PDF)

PIVX is a privacy-preserving digital token released in February 2016 under the name of Darknet. The token’s ticker is an acronym for “Private Instant Verified Transactions.” The project hopes to enable fully private, near instant, peer-to-peer transactions. Originally released as a fork of the Dash protocol, PIVX is one the first digital tokens to offer private transactions in conjunction with a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. New blocks are added to the PIVX blockchain every 60 seconds and privacy is achieved by clustering transactions, making it difficult to identify the senders and receivers of any transaction. Token holders may participate in protocol governance and vote on technological improvements. In June 2017, PIVX successfully implemented a secondary token, zPIV, on top of its blockchain to further increase its privacy. zPIVs are pegged to PIVX and use Zero Knowledge Proofs (or zkSNARKS), the technology underlying Zcash.