Verge (XVG)

Verge Token Profile (PDF)

Verge is a privacy preserving cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol that attempts to obfuscate not only the transactions within its blockchain, but also the communication between the many nodes in the network. The Verge protocol is integrated with a Tor onion routing system to encrypt the data exchanged across a network of nodes. Verge nodes are organized to facilitate integration with I2P, yet another network obfuscation mechanism that creates a shielded intranet of nodes. Combined, these two features are intended to provide a strong combination of both packet-based and circuit-based routing. Like Dash, Verge employs multi-algorithmic mining and five different Proof-of-Work hashing algorithms can be used to mine a Verge block. Like Bitcoin, Verge did not have an ICO and it was initially launched through mining. The project now seems to be working on several layer-two features to enhance the value of its platform, such as smart contract integration through Rootstock and atomic swaps. Shortly after Verge was accused of paying John McAfee to make it his Coin of the Day, the project announced that it would release the Wraith Protocol before the end of the month. This was outlined in a critical article about the project that was published by CryptoSlate on April 15, 2018. It also included evidence that 18.6M XVG had been moved from the project’s fundraising wallet.